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     In 1974, a television series based on the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder was launched, entitled "Little House on the Prairie". The premiere movie took viewers through the events of Laura's book Little House on the Prairie and then the television series began with the Ingalls' move to Walnut Grove, Minnesota

The series, written and directed by Michael Landon, although based on the books, added many characters and events that never happened in Laura's real life. Characters such as Albert Ingalls, James and Cassandra Cooper, Dr. Baker, the Garvey family, Adam Kendall, Percival Dalton, the family of Mr. Edwards, and many others never existed in real life. Other characters, such as the Olesons, Reverend Alden, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Hanson, and Miss Beadle, did really exist, but you can learn what these characters were really like in Laura's books.

Walnut Grove was founded in 1840 by Lars Hanson. It was going to be called Hansonville, but he changed his mind because it was made by the whole town, not one person. Lars Hanson, Lem McCary, Jess Moffet, George Madox, Les Sutherland and his wife Maddy, all built the town. The town was named by Jess Moffet after the group of walnut trees on the hill. The name was briefly changed to Olesonville. The population of Walnut Grove is 127 people. It is nearby to Mankato, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and Rochester.



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What did they have in a town of 127 people ?

Restaurants Nellie's Restaurant, Mrs. Sullivan's Kitchen, Oleson's Restaurant, Caroline's Restaurant
Inns Mae Flannery, Wilder Boarding House, Nellie's Inn
Shops The Oleson's Mercantile, Wilder Feed Store
Legal Services Adam Kendall is Walnut Grove's lawyer. If you commit a crime you will be held in the icehouse
Schools Walnut Grove's one-room school house & School for the blind
Teachers  Mrs. Eva Simms, Mrs. Caroline Ingalls, Mrs. Harriet Oleson, Mr. Hannibal Applewood, Mrs. Alice Garvey, Mrs. Laura Wilder, Miss Eliza Jane Wilder, Miss Elliot, Miss Etta Plum 
Newspapers The Pen and Plow run by Harriet Oleson's uncle & Walnut Grove Gazette run by Sarah Carter
Postal Service Run by Mrs. Melinda Foster, Mrs. Whipple. Mrs. Kezia Horn, Mrs. Grace Snider Edwards, & Mrs. Alice Garvey 
Doctors  Dr. Hiram Baker, and two new doctors ( who seem to be lost) Dr. LeDoux & Dr. Logan
Communications  Telegraph system & Telephone system ( which is not private as you may think)
Religious Services Revered Robert Alden in the school on Main Street
Banking Walnut Grove's Bank run by Ebenezer Sprague & Bill Anderson
Other Businesses  Livery stable, Mrs. Whipple Seamstress, Garvey Ingalls & Wilder Shipping Services, Isaac Singerman Carpentry, Baker Makay Brick Work, Blacksmiths Hans Dorfler or John Carter











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